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Secrets to Dog Training

Secrets to Dog TrainingAll dog training books are not created equal. What makes Secrets to Dog Training (formerly Sit, Stay, Fetch) one of the best dog training books out there is that its prime objective is to teach dog owners how to communicate with their dogs through their own body language.

The most common problem in training a dog is the dog owner himself whose body language often negates the very command he just issued!

Commands and body language that are not in sync will only create confusion, with disappointing results for the dog and frustration for the owner.

Secrets to Dog Training – The Review

This dog training book does a brilliant job of teaching you first how to have perfect clarity regarding your own body language when placing a command to your dog, and how to formulate that command so that your dog knows without a doubt what is expected of him.

Did you know that dogs will challenge weak, unclear messages from their owners, just as they would their pack leader in the wild if they felt him wavering? Leadership is viewed very seriously by dogs, as they instinctively know it can make the difference between life and death.

That’s why it is important for you to understand how to communicate clearly with your dog and how to coordinate body language and command to increase your rate of success training your dog for rewarding results all around.

But Secrets to Dog Training doesn’t stop there. Daniel also addresses over 25 behavioral problems in step-by-step detail, from aggression to barking, jumping, digging, chewing, as well as separation anxiety, house training, and a whole lot more.

Secrets to Dog Training – What’s In It?

  • A comprehensive 260+ page ebook that teaches you how to solve over 25 dog behavior problems;
  • Secrets to Dog Training Audio Book so you can download Secrets to Dog Training to any device and listen to it anywhere you please;
  • Online videos so you can pick up on body language, voice control, etc.;
    •Secrets to Becoming the Alpha Dog ebook: learn how to establish the proper pack order in your home, ensure peaceful coexistence while making your dog more responsive to training and stopping any dominance issues that may have surfaced;
    •A Quick Guide to Dog Aggression;
    •All The House Training Methods & Tricks covering the Direct Method for an outdoors dog, as well as the Paper Method for an indoors dog;
    •Tips On Security Training Your Dog;
    •Dog Grooming Made Easy;
    •Free & unlimited online consultations with the Secrets to Dog Training team.

    Secrets to Dog Training – The Benefits

    Secrets to Dog Training courseNow you understand why over 220,000 dog owners worldwide have chosen to train their dogs based on the principles taught in the Secrets of Dog Training.

    You will learn dog training tips that will show you how to train your dog at home just like a professional trainer. More importantly, you will understand how to become a happy, successful dog owner. Owning a dog should not be a chore when it can be so rewarding once you understand how to create a best friend for life!

    •No more embarrassment caused by dog disobedience;
    •Stop the frantic rush out the front door and avoid life-threatening situations;
    •Put an end to leash pulling and enjoy walks with your dog;
    •End the stress caused by dogs fighting by preventing them from happening;
    •Learn six powerful strategies for training aggressive dogs;
    •Stop your dog jumping on you and your visitors;
    •Teach your dog when it is appropriate to bark, and when not to;
    •Restore harmony in your home and stop your dog from chasing the cat;
    •Banish separation anxiety;
    •Teach your dog commands that may end up saving his life, as well as commands that will make you proud to show off;
    •Learn Dog Whispering and make a friend for life.

    And so much more. Learn the most guarded dog training secrets of professional dog trainers without having to spend a fortune, and train your dog proper behavior around people and other dogs – all in the comfort of your own home.

    Of all books on dog training, Secrets to Dog Training is the dog training book you really don’t want to be without. But hurry, this extra bonus won’t last much longer!