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Dog Training Collars Reviews

Dog training collarsThe broad selection of dog training collars available makes choosing the right collar for your dog a mind-numbing exercise to say the least. Canine collars come in all sorts of materials, designs and sizes. The purpose of the collar together with the size of your dog will determine which collar will work best for you and your friend.

So before you head out to the nearest store and get seduced by the cute polka dot collar or the macho

studded leather collar, first find out the difference between regular dog collars and dog training collars. And then figure out which dog training collar is best for your canine friend.

Dog training collars are usually made of leather or nylon webbing, and sometimes of fabric, chain or even prongs. A clear understanding of each type of training collar is vital for you to select the right collar and ensure your dog’s safety and comfort.

Leather Dog CollarLeather dog collars sport metal buckles similar to belt buckles and can be worn at all times. For training purposes, a flat collar will be gentler than a rolled one when applying a correction. A good-quality leather collar will look good and last for years.

Nylon dog collarHigh-quality nylon dog collars will also last a long time. Whether you choose a reflective collar for night walks, a sassy color or an eye catching pattern that will make your pooch stand out from the crowd, just make sure you select a collar with a quick-release buckle. Should an accident happen, that little device may save your dog’s life.

Martingale dog collarMartingale dog collars, or limited slip collars, are often referred to as greyhound collars. Originally created for greyhounds and designed for dogs with broader necks than heads, martingale collars are now used for dogs that pull out of traditional collars, regardless of breed… truly the bane of little escape artists!

Choke CollarChoke dog collars, also called check collars, consist of a length of fabric or metal with a ring at either end. These collars can cause serious physical damage if used improperly and even create or exacerbate behavioral problems in dogs and should only be used under the guidance of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

Prong dog collarA prong dog collar is formed with a series of metal links linked together, with their blunt open tips directed toward the dog’s neck. They are hard to adjust and can easily cause harm, specially when dogs are at play. Dogs have been choked when links got dislodged while the owners could only watch helplessly.

Dog head collarIf you are dealing with a super energetic, headstrong dog whose lunging and jumping make him hard to control, a dog head collar may be the answer to help you regain control. Is your dog convinced that going for a walk means you are merely tagging along for the exercise? The Gentle Leader harness was designed to discourage pulling by redirecting his attention towards you. That will set him straight!

Dog harnessDog harnesses give you more control over a powerful or headstrong dog and are a natural deterrent to a dog’s pulling instinct. They can provide a safer way to walk some dogs while avoiding choking hazards.