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Amber, Dog Training StarWhy isn’t dog training more popular among dog owners? Canine parents often feel that training their dog is a daunting proposition – too expensive, or repetitive and boring. This failure to communicate unwittingly condemns their best friend to a life of loneliness and misery, specially when he has trouble adapting to his new home.

My Top Online Dog Training Courses

Book end puppyLet me show you how online dog training courses can teach you the secrets of dog training professionals from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost of dog training classes. Learn how to master dog obedience and handle dog problems like a pro. Turning your furry friend into a good canine citizen does not have to be costly or even a chore. It can actually be a lot of fun!

Best Dog Training Collars

Best dog training collarsWould you believe that many people still select dog training collars based on color? Wrong! Okay, I’ll admit to a degree of vanity: I do like my collar to complement my rich tan fur coat, my liquid brown eyes and my big black nose. 😉 But dog training collars must be chosen first for efficiency, which means you need to understand your dog’s personality in order to find the perfect fit.

Dog Leashes

... and matching leashes!Like dog training collars, dog training leashes come in an enormous range of materials, colors and patterns. Of course, you’ll want a dog training leash to match the perfect dog training collar. Whether you choose a flat or braided leash, plain or studded, dog walks will never be the same again. You’ll be the envy of the neighborhood.

Dog Kennels

Sturdy Dog KennelFor the canine jet setter, dog kennels are the perfect solution. Airline approved, they provide a safe way to travel and see the world. They also offer shelter even in the comfort of your home. Many dogs enjoy the privacy of a dog kennel to the open concept of a dog crate.

Crate Training

Practical Dog CrateA highly controversial subject, dog crates! Many people think of a dog crate as nothing short of a prison cell for their best friend. And if abused, they can be. We all know that dogs are creatures of freedom, right?

But what many dog owners don’t realize is that dog crates can play a major role in dog house training, and in fact help shorten the process. The trick is to know how to use a dog crate and the best size to get for your pooch.