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Dog kennels for safetyIf the travel bug is constantly nipping at your heels, dog kennels are the perfect solution to your canine travel woes.

Made of high-impact plastic, they offer better protection than dog crates in case of accidents, since there is no danger of metal wires breaking and injuring your dog. They are also airline approved, which means you are not going to get any hassles at boarding time. […]

Dog crates can be cozyMention dog crates, and you’ll see most dog owners cringe. A feeling of uneasiness and even guilt starts creeping in which they can’t explain… Could it be that those metal wires remind them of jails – not what they wish for their best friend!

Dog Crates: Torture or Blissful Canine Dens?

A perfectly understandable dilemma if you consider that many unfortunately view dog crates as a convenient tool which allows them to incarcerate their dog the moment he sets a paw wrong, or whenever they wish to go out and protect their home from an untrained dog. […]

Classic leather dog collarWhether you are perplexed by the huge selection of dog training collars or just doggone sick and tired of buying collars that fray or even break, you want to take a look at basic, high-quality leather dog collars that your dog can wear at all times, not just for training.

Classic Leather Dog Collars

A flat leather buckle collar can be used not only as a regular collar but also as a dog training collar. With a flat collar, your canine friend will be comfortable, and corrections during dog training sessions will be painless. And since Sam will be wearing his new collar every day, why not get him one that fits properly, one that he’ll be proud to show off? […]

Mixed Dog BreedsMixed Dog Breeds offer something for everyone and have made their way into more households throughout the world than purebreds.

Although temperament and adult appearance can be harder to predict, they are less likely to inherit certain hereditary defects such as skin allergies, heart disease, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

The size of a puppy’s feet in relation to its body size can give some indication as to its future adult size. […]

Working Group DogsWorking Group dogs come in all forms and shapes, though most are large, powerful and headstrong.

Used as police dogs, rescue dogs, sled dogs, as well as to guard livestock and property, they bring all their focus on the task at hand and are not easily distracted.

Confident handling and training will teach these dogs just when it is appropriate to make use of their skills. […]

Toy Dog BreedsToy Dog Breeds have done very well for themselves, surviving chiefly by providing companionship.

Affectionate and loyal, their intelligence shines when channeled towards obedience training and competition. They relish showing off all the tricks they have mastered.

Also known as lapdogs, they are the perfect fit for tight quarters, though they can be yappy.

Due to their fragility, toy dogs and small children do not usually mix well. […]

TerriersTerriers have acquired a reputation as feisty bundles of energy always forthcoming with an opinion and absolutely no inhibition to express it.

The same energy and tenacity employed in your backyard can transform your dream garden into a rabbit warren in no time flat, all accomplished while maintaining a running commentary on the procedure.

Thankfully, their generally small stature makes them easier to control. […]

Sporting Dog BreedsSporting dog breeds represent canine stardom with the highly popular pointers, setters, retrievers and spaniels.

Sporting dogs generally excel as bird and game hunters, but they also make superb, well-rounded companions. Naturally gentle, highly trainable and always eager to participate in any game their family can rustle up, they make excellent family dogs appreciated for their intelligence and alertness.

But beware all that appealing friendliness… exercise is high on their requirement list, so couch potatoes need not apply! […]

Hound Dog BreedsHound Dogs assist in the hunt in either of two ways. Scent hounds like the bloodhound, beagle and foxhound track their quarry through their formidable scenting abilities, while sight hounds such as the saluki lend their speed to the chase.

Hounds form a more diversified grouping. For example, the dachshund might be considered more of a terrier as he digs his way underground chasing foxes and badgers, and the greyhound has become famous as a professional racer.

Hounds generally make excellent, reliable and sturdy pets for children as well as adults, though the greyhound racer might be inclined to chase running pets and children. […]

Non-Sporting Dog BreedsNon-Sporting dog breeds are impossible to define as they include all breeds that do not fit anywhere else, from the intelligent, highly-trainable, often pampered poodle to the stalwart, unruffled bulldog, the devoted shar-pei, and even the sometimes hairless xoloitzcuintli.

This group of sturdy canines come in a variety of sizes, appearances and personalities. Because of their diversity, each breed must be appraised individually for skills and temperaments. […]

Herding Dog Breeds

Herding Dogs comprise dog breeds as diversified as Collies, German Shepherds, Sheepdogs and Corgis which were all bred to herd livestock.

The Border Collie is the dog breed most likely to spring to mind when you think of herding dogs. Highly intelligent and active, eye contact backed by aggressive barking is of paramount importance as they relentlessly will recalcitrant members of the herd to do as they are bid.

Tremendous energy is expended as they run frantically to keep the herd together. These dogs require skilled training and thrive on the satisfaction of a job well done. […]

Dog BreedsLumping dogs into large or small dog breeds is not much help when it comes time to select the right companion dog. A good match will more likely be the result of giving thoughtful consideration to dog group instincts and temperament, and then allowing individual personality to kick in.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) has grouped dogs together based on the type of function they were developed to perform throughout history. This approach will help quickly eliminate categories of dogs which may at first be appealing, but on second thought would prove to be a mismatch. […]

Dog training collarsThe broad selection of dog training collars available makes choosing the right collar for your dog a mind-numbing exercise to say the least. Canine collars come in all sorts of materials, designs and sizes. The purpose of the collar together with the size of your dog will determine which collar will work best for you and your friend.

So before you head out to the nearest store and get seduced by the cute polka dot collar or the macho […]

Secrets to Dog TrainingAll dog training books are not created equal. What makes Secrets to Dog Training (formerly Sit, Stay, Fetch) one of the best dog training books out there is that its prime objective is to teach dog owners how to communicate with their dogs through their own body language.

The most common problem in training a dog is the dog owner himself whose body language often negates the very command he just issued! […]