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Dog Crates & Kennels

Dog crates for dog trainingA highly controversial subject, dog crates! Many people think of a dog crate as nothing short of a prison cell for their best friend. And if abused, they can be. We all know that dogs are creatures of freedom, right?

But what many dog owners don’t realize is that dog crates can play a major role in dog house training, and in fact help shorten the process. The trick is to know how to use a dog crate and the best size to get for your pooch.

Dog kennelsFor the canine jet setter, dog kennels are the perfect solution. Airline approved, they provide a safe way to travel and see the world.

They also offer shelter even in the comfort of your home. Many dogs enjoy the privacy of a dog kennel to the open concept of a dog crate.

Dog Crates

Dog crates can be cozyMost owners cringe at the mere mention of dog crates. A feeling of uneasiness and even guilt starts creeping in which they can’t explain… Could it be that those metal wires remind them of jails – not what they wish for their best friend!

Dog Crates: Torture or Blissful Canine Dens? A perfectly understandable dilemma if you consider that many unfortunately view dog crates as a convenient tool which allows them to incarcerate their dog the moment he sets a paw wrong, or whenever they wish to go out and protect their home from an untrained dog.

Dog Kennels for Jet Setters

Dog kennels for safetyIf the travel bug is constantly nipping at your heels, dog kennels are the perfect solution to your canine travel woes.

Made of high-impact plastic, they offer better protection than dog crates in case of accidents, since there is no danger of metal wires breaking and injuring your dog. They are also airline approved, which means you are not going to get any hassles at boarding time.