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Dog Kennels for Jet Setters

Dog kennels for safetyIf the travel bug is constantly nipping at your heels, dog kennels are the perfect solution to your canine travel woes.

Made of high-impact plastic, they offer better protection than dog crates in case of accidents, since there is no danger of metal wires breaking and injuring your dog. They are also airline approved, which means you are not going to get any hassles at boarding time.

Dog Kennels Are Real Work Horses

Vacationing dog kennelJeeves has a busy schedule: a visit to his veterinarian for his yearly checkup at noon, followed by a grooming appointment at two o’clock in preparation for the pet show where he’ll be strutting his stuff tonight. Tomorrow, he’ll hop on a plane and off he goes on a well-deserved holiday at the beach.

Is Jeeves worried? Not at all… he knows he will be traveling in style and comfort, in a dog kennel carefully chosen to fit him perfectly. After all the hoopla, he’ll retire to his lair for some shut-eye and wake up well-rested, ready to start his vacation.

And why not? When you are lucky enough to buy a kennel that is a safe and perfectly legal carrier, plus a den and a cushy bed all at once, what is there to worry about?

Dog Kennels for Safety and Comfort

When Jeeves travels in his dog kennel, no one worries, not even Jeeves. His kennel is large enough for him to move around and best of all, it is lined with a comfortable bed so he can relax and sleep when he feels like it.

Wire vent grills and door provide flow-through ventilation on the sides and back of his kennel, so it never gets stuffy inside. But even more important, the engineering grade fasteners holding the kennel together have a tensile strength greater than steel, so vibration won’t cause them to loosen: in other words, Jeeves’ kennel won’t come apart!

Canine travel without worry

… and Peace of Mind for You

Jeeves’ people probably appreciate his kennel even more than he does. This dog kennel practically assembles itself. Within minutes, without any tools whatsoever, it’s ready to use. And it’s just as easy to break it down for storage when it’s not needed, so it save space and prevents clutter.

No need to worry about sanitation. This dog kennel cleans up in a jiffy, which is great because it can also be used for housebreaking and, well, accidents do happen…

The dual rod spring-loaded latch is easy to operate but so secure that your little Houdini will have to give up being an escape artist. Peace of mind restored.

Without question, dog kennels are the perfect answer to dog transportation. Amazing what one kennel will do: take your dog safely wherever he needs to go, offer shelter and substitute for a bed, and even provide crate training.

Who needs all sorts of canine paraphernalia, when dog kennels have so much to offer?