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Mixed Dog Breeds & Crossbreeds

Mixed Dog BreedsMixed Dog Breeds offer something for everyone and have made their way into more households throughout the world than purebreds.

Although temperament and adult appearance can be harder to predict, they are less likely to inherit certain hereditary defects such as skin allergies, heart disease, hip dysplasia, and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA).

The size of a puppy’s feet in relation to its body size can give some indication as to its future adult size.

Crossbreeds, the first cross between two different breeds, may present the perfect solution if you are attracted to two breeds and just can’t decide.

Beware that some of the pups may well have inherited the worst qualities of each breed, while others will be more like the dam and others like the sire.

Predictability is the main advantage of acquiring a pure breed. Unfortunately, inherited diseases and defects have been inbred into many breeds by some less than ethical breeders.

Mixed breeds, on the other hand, benefit from a large pool of genes and are less likely to show these problems. A good rescue center will be able to give some pointers with regards to the temperament displayed by their proteges during their stay.